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My latest visit with Sarah was greatly anticipated. Five long months apart was slowly but surely driving Sarah insane and both of us went through pretty nasty Fall semesters at school. The Christmas season was pushing me to the edge at Wal-Mart more than any previous year due to staffing issues and remodeling. It was stress city for both of us, but now it was finally time for a nice long relaxing vacation where neither of us do anything in particular.

What have I been missing out on for so long??

One 5AM drive to the airport got me whisked me on my way to Sarah Town, New Hampshire. Spent most of the impending flight and bus ride playing Solatorobo or trying to regain lost sleep. I met Sarah at the bus stop, where we had our usual awkward transition to getting used to being right in front of each other for a change.

Our original plan was to go see the Muppet Movie, but Sarah wasn't convinced that I was alert enough to handle it. Because I can get pretty grumpy from lack of sleep, she insisted that I should probably just go home to take a nap. This was our last chance to see the Muppet Movie in theaters though so I had to ARGUE and ARGUE so that we could go see the stupid movie. It was absolutely imperative that we see Muppets. She caved in eventually, although was very anxious all throughout about the prospective of having to turn left in places without intersections. Scariest thing in the world for her.

We checked out BOOKS A MILLION! A new bookstore to replace Borders. It has a great acronym of BAM! They had a huge Christian section, which baffled Sarah because she isn't from the Midwest. She always made it a quest to search for the Gay and Lesbian section (which didn't exist.)

Tried using the bathroom there and literally EVERY STALL was horribly and disgustingly broken. So we wound up having to go on a gross quest to find a functioning bathroom in one of the neighboring stores. We hung out in Staples, looming around a salesmen who was trying to get a commission on a tablet PC with a customer, waiting for an opportunity to ask where the toilet was.

Sarah got coffee at BAM! and then we hustled over to the theater where she ran into the conundrum of wanting to smuggle the coffee in but also not wanting to oppose me being a fuddy duddy stick in the mud about me not wanting to go against theater policy. We wind up standing in line at concessions to get a tiny cup of water as a consolation prize.

My grandmother gave me twenty dollars for Christmas, saying it was so I could have a fun time with Sarah. Half of that cash went towards this movie. MONEY WELL SPENT.

The Muppet movie is actually really groovy. Genuinely funny and the most well done Muppet movie since Treasure Island. After hearing the song, we both concluded that I was a Muppet of a Man.


We get back to her parent's place. No fanfare, just a nice nap. Their parents did have chicken soup out, which I appreciated since I had a lingering cold. I was a little iffy about sharing kisses with Sarah since I really didn't want to give her any sniffles. But she was like, NO. YOU'RE KISSING ME. GET OVER HER. And we shared so many germs.

First thing was first. Sarah coerced me to create a character in Skyrim. The game has been devouring her life all break and she really wanted to get me hooked on it too. I made an Orc fighter, and she was downright offended that I left the name as 'Prisoner.' My argument was that now people addressed me by name when they announced that 'Orc Prisoner' was next to be executed. A personal touch!

I ran around exploring caves and collecting embalming tools (I kept acting excited when I found them because Sarah was protesting me collecting useless junk. Also it is just the grossest thing I could collect.) before deciding that I didn't want to get any more invested into a save file I would inevitably have to abandon. Sarah would keep offering for me to play though. It's a great game, and more engaging than Oblivion, but I would hate to lose momentum in a thousand hour RPG because I'd covered a lot of terrain already.

Sarah's room is filled with noises that terrify her. At night, the house settles and creaks loudly, and there are mice or birds in the ceiling that making a racket. Both drive her nutty. I have to be really careful not to suggest that ghosts are making the noises because that would freak her out and make her call me the meanest person in the world. She sleeps much better with me there, apparently. But late night noises have been a serious complaint with her time off from school.

On Tuesday, we go out in the cold for a FREEZING NATURE WALK. Steve warns that we will die in the cold, but we insist on going for a walk anyway. We quickly discover that he is right and that it is stupid cold, but are too stubborn to turn back. We go for a nice nature walk and my face nearly freezes. That'll show Steve!

I made Sarah a nice breakfast with eggs and bacon that is apparently spoiled and gives her awful stomach cramps for a couple days. I spend most of the rest of the day watching her play Skyrim. Sarah, the Arch Mage, runs around town in her under pants harassing people and pulling them out of bed to talk to them. She's very proud of giving her character a realistic body type and loves getting uncomfortable comments about her indency from NPCs.

We start a recurring trend of watching Ken Burns' The War documentary. A fantastic WW2 documentary that leaves us feeling depressed and in need of cheering up consistently. Quality stuff. We catch an episode almost every night.

We watch the Iowa caucuses with her family. Sarah is REALLY REALLY into Ron Paul and wants him to win so badly but he is in third place. Mitt Romney and Santorum have a tie for first place that is decided by a mere 8 votes. Sarah takes it as an opportunity to lecture me on how every vote counts.

The night is wrapped up with some serious drama with her brother James. James has been feeling pent up and frustrated with Sarah, and lashes out against their dad for no good reason over it. We wind up having a long talk with James for several hours that has him storming out angrily at one point. Thankfully, we manage to talk it all out eventually and reconcile.

James was basically frustrated because he feels that Sarah looks down on him and he's envious of her success in life. He dislikes how rough she is trying to force him to get his life in order. Sarah is more forceful, with an attitude that her parents aren't taking the necessary steps to get James straightened out. Both feel that they are treated unfairly. Sarah feels that her parents favor James unfairly by having dramatically lower expectations, but James longs for the approval and respect that Sarah commands. Both from their parents and Sarah herself. I spend much of the night trying to moderate them, and it seemed to work out reasonably well. Though Sarah really seemed to struggle with the fact that her parents and brother weren't meeting her expectations of what they should be doing. We're on good terms with James the rest of the trip, at least.

Wednesday. LOTS OF SKYRIM. I wile away time in the background downloading games Sarah owns on Steam but has never played. I manage to get her to try a game called Beat Hazard I bought her ages ago in an indie pack. She enjoys picking music tracks for me to play levels against. The visuals are absolutely seizure inducing. I manage to get her to try a few other games she owns for the first time ever, but nothing really clicks.

We eat at Green Ginger, where Sarah obsessed about the state of her hair. Because the waiter is going to judge how she looks and it will matter at all. We enjoy a nice dinner of eggplant and duck dishes. We get home and Sarah tries to secret away the left overs so James doesn't destroy them. Luckily, James hates Eggplant though.

With Sarah filled with yum, she naps. Sarah and I differ on responses to a good meal. She gets sleepy, but I generally get more energized.

While she naps, Sarah has sleep paralysis and hallucinates that I am chanting 'S4' over and over again. It is strange to hear her report about this. Downright ominous.

We watch The War, and try to watch Adventure Time.

Me watching Adventure Time is long overdue. I LOVE the show, but Sarah loves it even more. She can't get enough and it's hard to talk her into watching much of anything else in the next few days. Sarah LOATHES the streaming services, though, because of all the ads and hassle involved, so we eventually wind up pirating it. This turns out to be a bad idea, because Sarah's parents have received several Cease and Desist notices for pirating from their cable company for pirating. The cable gets shut off the next day as a consequence. Briefly. We get into a meandering discussion trying to figure out whether Adventure Time is tied to Time Warner Digital Cable. But it is. Adventure time => Cartoon Network => Time Warner.

We're up until 4AM, and have a stupid small bit of drama where Sarah discovers that my belly button smells gross and that I need to wash it much more thoroughly RIGHT NOW and this gets way more time and energy than it deserves. After showers the following day, she asks pointedly if I remembered to wash my belly buttons. YES. I SURE DID.

Thursday: Skyrim. Sarah hates bards. She will load her save file and murder bards with the Wabbajack, hoping to turn them into sweet buns or chickens. The guards quickly apprehend her and fine her ten hold for the assault, whereupon she opts to fight to the death instead. Sarah is disappointed that people who turn into chickens do not stay chickens permanently.

Steve asks Sarah to take all the dirty bowls out of James' room while he's out. She does this, but James FREAKS OUT that people were in his room without asking and this turns into major drama that spoils Sarah's mood for much of the day. On the bright side, Wanda brings home Brisket and cookies from the grocery store. Many, many cookies. Like five tins worth. It is staggering.

I talk Sarah into trying Cave Story for the first time ever. She reports enjoying it, though is tremendously frustrated by the platforming in Egg Corridor. Odds of her going back to it any time soon are bleak. I tried, though!

We watch TV downstairs. Sarah loves flipping between channels. I don't care for it. I like committing to channels for the long haul, for the duration of a show at least. Sarah likes to get nice 3 minute nuggets of a program before leaping to something else immediately. We make a stop on Spike TV where I'm subjected to an horrendously tacky show called Manswers, where they answer sex related questions in the most boorish manner possible, with bonus goofy over acting and pin up models flaunting all over the place. Sarah enjoys me squirming.

Any attempt to watch The War or Adventure Time downstairs on the big screen is thwarted by Steve, who herds us out claiming dominion in the living room.
Friday, fifth day. Sarah harasses me in the bathroom a lot. Popping in repeatedly while I am trying to get my hygiene on. Later, I make Blue Berry pancakes. Sarah can only handle two pancakes and feels satisfied while I can't imagine eating less than four without feeling empty inside.

We go grocery shopping so that I can make quiche and fill Sarah with yum. Sarah claims it's the best quiche I've ever made. I am skeptical.
While watching TV with her folks, Sarah is startled to hear that Mitt Romney is at a spaghetti dinner in her town. She wants to run down there and see him RIGHT NOW. Her dad struggles to communicate that this recording is on the DVR and even though it says 'LIVE' the recording they are watching is not actually live and the dinner is over. I suggest that we just go stalk Romney at his hotel room or something.

This is where stuff happens. Saturday. Today is WAKE UP SUPER EARLY TO HANG OUT WITH SIRO IN BOSTON DAY. A special holiday that only an exclusive few may observe. We ride Concord Coach out stupid early and argue with Siro over cell phone to arrange to meet up by a model railroad.

The railroad is pretty neat, if not the coolest railroad model I've seen. Youtube has spoiled me.

It has lots of toys and figurines. Cameos from happy meal toys are all over the place including SPIDER MAN and SCOOBY DOO. WHOAAA.

Siro tries desperately to create a diversion so he can run away, but we don't take the bait.

Sarah is ravenous and caves into buying breakfast items at Mickey Ds

I keep pulling off this exasperating joke on Siro where I present him with a travel toothpaste tube as a fabulous present.


So wow. Here we are, being friends in Boston. How are we gonna break this awkward sexual tension? How about we go check out the Modern Art Museum. OKAY SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!!

We tool around Boston, and find this odd intersection where there are bells playing strange movie themes above us. They start playing the Godfather theme, which is awesome enough that Siro has to stop and act out his favorite scene from Ghost Busters.

We wander around aimlessly and enjoy each other's company SO MUCH.

Errgh. What have I gotten myself into?

Siro approves of Sarah's newly accrued brain injury.

Sarah gets SO MAD about Siro making bunny ears in this photo that she throw scalding coffee in his face and throws him into the harbor.

We chill out for a second while Sarah receives a transmission from Dorp Headquarters.

We pass many beggars in Boston. Siro's favorite beggar is this Hobo King lady who wears a cardboard crown and announces loudly that she GOTTA HAVE FOOD AND WATER TODAY. The sheer audacious entitlement is more of a spectacle than her crowd. No picture because we needed to avoid eye contact. On a rival street corner, there was a homeless person shaking a change cup half heartedly while reading the news paper. Like, he doesn't even care if we give him change or not. He's got to stay informed.

This TOTALLY DESOLATE PARKING LOT is the entrance to the Modern Art museum. We walk around the parking fee booth to avoid the awkwardness of not having a car to help fill this chasmic void.

Sarah tries to move in to get some sugar off me, but my arms are just too long for her to nab any.

I've got very few pictures inside the museum, just 'cause cameras aren't allowed near exhibits.

We spend quite a long time watching this strange movie with ten different screens in the room all showing different angles of strange esoteric scenes where a Chinese lady moves around uncomfortably in different rooms or street alleyways. She has several encounters with a goofy looking Chinese man who we dub Anime Joe, who she is forced to eat dinner with in a fancy, stuffy looking traditional room. Sarah describes how on a previous visit there is this hilarious scene where there are waves, and then the Chinese lady suddenly says 'Oh! The Ocean!' but we never actually manage to see this.

The movie is kind of confusing and abstract. There's bits where there is a ghost lady in the jungle who is or isn't the same Chinese lady. And there are bits where helicopters are searching the coasts for something while there's a closeup of the ghost lady, so Siro and I naturally assume that the ghost is piloting a helicopter.

There are some under water scenes that prompt our group to quietly chant 'Green! Green! Green!' to each other because of the color of the water. Any time I am in a museum with Siro, I become incredibly obnoxious.

This image is a still frame from the Dorp daytime Soap Opera that is still in production.

Other exhibits that rock: We saw this big empty room that had a projector that displayed creepy images, like people falling up through a sky filled with debris. We came back to the room later and the projection on the floor had turned BLOOD RED. Siro talks about when he becomes an eccentric billionaire, he will devote a room to this thing.

There's also this enclosed room that is filled with bizarre webbing that we immediately decide that Wilco would ADORE. And there's also this exhibit that uses mirrors to create what appears to be an infinite shaft of light bulbs descending into the void. Awesome stuff.

There's this one video display about performance art dance art, where we see this guy show us how to make shapes and then THROW THEM VIOLENTLY OFF SCREEN. He is hilarious and there is no way my description can do this thing justice.

Also there is an exhibit showing how an artist put a bunch of snails on the beach and took a photo of how they moved as an artistic piece. It's actually pretty cool but sounds kind of hokey coming from me.

After all this goofiness, we ended the museum walk with a video of Serbian Anti-gay riots paired alongside a performance piece where actors try to express love of all sorts being torn apart. It was very sobering, even if the performers in the other video were pretty dopey.


While leaving the parking lot, I assure Sarah that we ENJOYED the museum, which she worries we did not. I re-enact my reaction to a art piece, pretending that looking at it is causing me to achieve enlightenment. She misreads this as the art piece giving me an orgasm. This starts an exchange where I am insisting that I am achieving ENLIGHTENMENT and she is insisting on ORGASMS and Siro comments that this basically encapsulate the two of us as people.

During the course of confusing banter, I blurt out that 'I WOKE UP AND I DIDN'T HAVE ANY SHOES ON' out of nowhere, and cause Siro to break down laughing really badly. It's the little things that are precious to me.

Sarah abruptly decides that she loves racing and challenges me to run faster than her. I can do this easily, but I hurt my leg doing so and decide to pace myself for the rest of Boston even though Sarah wants to run LOTS AND LOTS MORE.

We decide to go looking for someplace to eat. Siro and I are not especially picky, but Sarah is EXTREMELY picky and wants a burger. Not a fast food burger, but not anything stupid expensive. A nice hole in the wall place. We spend ages looking for something that falls along the appropriate place along the gradiant.

We manage to find a good burger point eventually which also serves... MILKSHAKES!!!



Milk shake party?

Burger places aren't good for Siro's vegetarianism and Sarah feels sudden guilt pangs over this, but Siro is totally satisfied with just french fries apparently. I enjoy several glasses of this nice peach tea they have there that is so tart that I can't drink it super fast like I do with most beverages. Siro enjoys raspberry lemonade, because Siro himself is a raspberry.

Four drink Sarah basks in her domain.

After the burger joint, Sarah develops a need to poop. This sure is a poop centric travel post! we begin another gross quest to find a public restroom. On the street, there are street performers playing this MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURE theme music and it makes us imagine a goofy montage of us traveling the world in search of a john.

We stumble across the food court from last time. I flat out bet Sarah a dollar that we will find a free rest room in there. She is skeptical, thinking that it will be pay to use like most places. I lose this bet instantly because there is a big sign in the foyer announcing that the bathroom is for paying customers only.

Our plan to get around this is to use the dollar I just lost to buy a dunkin donuts donut, and thus entitle Sarah to poop as much as she likes. FOOL PROOF. Problem is, it's the same stupid Dunkin Donuts from last year with the same lousy service. We wait a million years for service. Though, to be fair, there was only one lady working while we were there. We get a plain donut and split it three ways.

We are like the three musketeers! Only with uncomfortable fecal urgency.

After relief is achieved, we stumble across a street vendor where Sarah discovers a hand made elephant purse she likes a whole lot, but not enough to fork over ten bucks for. She is indecisive, though, kind of wanting it but unable to commit to not buying it, until she finally musters the courage to say no and walk away. Whereupon me and Siro force her to march back, buy her the stupid elephant purse so that we can say we bought her an elephant purse.

Why hello mannequin. I do believe you are challenging me to a handsome contest. Well, we'll see who is the handsomest, won't we? Mmyes.

There's this FYE media store that is apparently going out of business with stuff up to 60% off. Siro warns me that the store won't actually have any good prices in it but I decide to scope it out anyway. Siro turns out to be completely correct as everything in Boston is stupid expensive so even if it is marked down it's still like twice the price of what I would actually pay for anything. Serves me right, I guess.

Next up, we head to the park to chillax. We're kinda exhausted from running around and find a nice bench, and Sarah and Siro engage in a fun game where they judge random people walking buy to decide if they are mean or nice. They get entirely too much entertainment out of this and it continues until it starts getting dark.

Siro plays his invisible guitar, but Sarah can't hear anything. She could hear the music if she were wearing her invisible headphones.

They've got their huge Christmas tree still up at the park. It is absolutely massive and pretty.

The park was bustling with kids. There was some performance across from us. We didn't care, and fumed that the playground wasn't abandoned for us to screw around on.

Aww. So cute. Love love love.


"Yes," says Siro, "I will punch this statue in the butt. And no one can stop me."

We are approached at one point by some spokeswoman who is promoting a strange energy spray. It allegedly has one cup of coffee worth of caffiene in one spritz of this spray. She gives us all free samples. We all feel like we're handling drugs. Sarah is apalled at the very idea of getting all the caffiene of coffee without just having coffee.

Our plan is to head to the subway and make our way to Siro's place to spend the night. Gonna be pretty cool. However, Sarah gets distracted because there are police horses at the park and she wants to stare longingly at them.

I manage to use the Charlie Ticket that I wanted to abandon last time to pay for two of us to get in the subway. So I guess Sarah was right that I'd wind up using it after all.

Life in the concentration camp is hard, but Siro's steely perseverance would see us through.

It's hard to see in this picture, but the faces on these posters are all distorted and terrifying. Like, can you please make these cartoon characters look remotely human?

We ride the rails out of there. We switch trains to the more obscure local train circuits which are free to get to Siro's neighborhood. There's a woman slumped face forward in hear seat sleeping on the train, and looks horribly uncomfortable in front of us.

We try to walk home in the now pitch dark night. Siro claims that he is eighty, no, sixty percent sure that he can find his way there in the dark.

Sarah sure is happy with us right now!

As usual, Sarah does not appreciate me and Siro talking about ghosts or horror scenarios while wandering around in an unfamiliar place at night. Siro points out a spooky, delapidated house to me and asks me if it looks inviting. I say yes, but it sure would be spookier if there weren't any lights on.

Right at that instant, the street light over us turns off and it is the FUNNIEST THING. 'Cause, ghosts. Also, it makes Sarah uncomfortable. I announce that I am excited about how BRIMMING WITH GHOSTS this street is.


We meet Siro's mom, who is a nice lady who likes to tease Siro and invites us to snack on anything we want. Just make ourselves at home. Use the family ladder if we want. Whatever we want.

She is out most of the night because she is going to have dinner with an unfortunate elderly neighbor who... I forget. They were a widower or their spouse was going through some sort of health problem. Something sad, anyway!

Without her there, we were able to have our orgy. And by that I mean, watch lots of television.

This is Siro's Christmas tree. It is pretty classy and affordable. And it is still too much trouble to take down after new years.

Sarah tells me about how Siro's family has a strict take your shoes off in the house rule that both Siro and Siro mom have NO IDEA WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT. They are pretty chill about whatever.

We watch Pixar shorts airing on TV, bits of Up, and eventually the New Hampshire Republican Primary Debates which Sarah is real pumped about because she wants RON PAUL TO WIN. Siro and I basically make fun of it and are assholes like we usually are when together. Siro, who doesn't care much about politics, judges the candidates based strictly on their demeanor and speaking ability. He judges Mitt Romney a cocky blighter. Which may be appropriate because Sarah gets aggravated by how much attention he gets, getting asked every question and absorbing most of the screen time. Ron Paul barely gets a chance to speak and this ticks Sarah off. At once point, the candidates are presented with a question from a web commenter who asks a very plain and pointed question about gay marriage which all the questioned candidates are evasive or antagonistic towards.

The comedy value of the debates wears thin, especially when Sarah gets annoyed at our jokes. Eventually Sarah starts to feel bad about me and Siro sitting in on something we don't especially care about and decides we can do something else.

We have snacks. Mainly snacking on chocolates and pistachios, two of the eight dorp food groups. Sarah has some chicken strips that Siro's mom was slightly iffy about permissing us to have, and I get the slightly disgusting idea to melt some of the chocolates over eggo waffles. MMM. White trashy.

I can hardly ask for a better way to top off an evening.

I keep wearing that tiara as a gag. But it REALLY ticks Sarah off. Like, she confronts me saying that unless I'm gay I shouldn't wear a tiara. Can't a hetro bro just feel like royalty without people hatin'?


Bandit, Siro's cat, makes quick work of Sarah's allergies and has to be stuffed in the basement.

We decide to watch some gross republican ad videos on youtube on Siro's computer, and even watch a good chunk of the new Red Letter Media Indiana Jones review. Sarah didn't realize that the thing was an hour long before embarking on it though.

But the most important moment of the evening is yet to come.

Something the Internet has been waiting a good long while for.

Since Christmas, 2011, infact.

The Golden Lollipop

These are the precious moments that matter.


Th-that noise

This lollipop


My relationship with Sarah Marie Fischer

Because Sarah feels bad about making us watch politics, she tries to make it up to me by watching things that I like that are stupid. Like ghost hunter shows, which are horribly awful, and Power Rangers, which is at least a hilarious kind of awful.

We literally waste too much time watching like four episodes of Power Rangers where Sarah relives my childhood. I spend the episodes predicting what is going to happen, with precise accuracy even though I've never seen the newer power ranger show. Sarah keeps compelling us to watch more to recover her karma until I am literally pleading for us to stop watching this stupid show. I then angrily force all of us to go to bed.

The next day, I inform Siro that now I can tell people I have pooped in his house and it will be factually true even if out of context. He is disgusted.

I fail to sleep particularly well that night, which BUMS SARAH OUT REALLY BADLY.

I'm... not even sure what's happening to her.

Sarah spends much of the morning trying to work off negative energy by being active, with mixed results. On our way out that morning, we resolve to have breakfast at a little place called Cakes, which offers awesome cupcakes and breakfast items.

On the way there, Siro stops me and tells me to close my eyes. He tells me that I am going to receive something from him, and that on the next visit I have with another dorp, I must pass the item on to them and uphold this as a proud tradition.
He places it in my hands and tells me to open them.

It's a plastic penis whistle!

It's... a plastic penis whistle?

Um. Yeah. Th-thanks?

Later, Siro and I enter the mouth of the ruins leading down into the Stygian Abyss. Our bravery tested, but our resolve unchanged.

Just going to illustrate my relationship with Sarah again.

We come by a duck pond and BOY DO I LIKE DUCKS.

Sarah is still pretty bummed though. We try and cheer her up.

Huh? There are some ducks here. Feeling any cheery? No? Well. Alright.

Sarah is way more effectively cheered up by awesome British guy and his cow dogs. We learn that these are the original breed of Great Danes, which is interesting.

And then something strange occurred to us!

This chicken was wandering around along the side of the road. There was a chicken pin up the hill, so we inferred that it had gotten up. I went up and informed the occupants that one of their chickens had gotten loose. They did not appear to care what-so-ever. So we guessed it was okay.

Another animal episode included walking through a neighborhood and a small dog walks up and Sarah things it's ADORABLE and we joke about kidnapping it in her purse. But then the owner shows up and calls the dog Yogi away from us. We later joke about seeing that kid ride up to us on a bike and scream at us to STAY AWAY FROM YOGI!!


Cakes was incredibly busy. It took a long time to get our food because there was a kids birthday party going down there, so bad timing. They were closing early on top of that so this was our only window for CAKES. Good food though, and excellent cupcakes. I have one, but then we go back for more cupcakes and Sarah tries to goad me to eat the extra ones and I am like NO. THIS IS TOO MANY CUPCAKES. So we have to stow them in her purse.


Siro kisses the cupcake for good luck. It's gonna be a rough night.

We arrive at the train station back to Boston.

Siro is DEAD SET against letting any disabled people using the wheel chair ramp.

Gh. Your eyes are pretty.

No! Don't look at the train! look at me!

Aw. Love.

Then, for fun, me and Siro posed as a couple.

This made Sarah SO ANGRY!

She was going to throw my camera under the train

Okay this is getting gross.

Let's get back to the OTP okay??
On that note, we had this small running gag that static electricity only works on people are in love. Because Sarah kept shocking me but Siro couldn't, even with rubbing his socks on the carpet.

MMF! Sarah is the BEST!!

Siro sees us on our way, gotta dump us off at South Station before heading home.
On the train, we see on the train behind us that there is a animal balloon vendor practicing. He does AMAZING balloons like cookie monster and others that are way better than any of the ones we've seen in Boston before. Sarah wants us to try and get on the same car as him before the train leaves, but I refuse. Claiming that admiring him from afar is the best way to maintain the magic.

Also, when Sarah and Siro misbehave, I start resorting to three stooges style head knocking to keep them in line. But I make a really lousy Mo Howard.

While waiting for the train, Sarah and Siro play 'Penis Game,' where they take turns saying Penis progressively louder. The first one to stop because they're too embarassed to basically scream it loses. Sarah was UNBEATABLE at this.

It's time for a sad goodbye time. D'aw.

But remember.

Siro will always love you.

We make it back to Sarah's house and enjoy nice naps and more Adventure Time. Not much else to comment on for the day. No mo' Siro.

Monday is the penultimate day. Today, James has his court date. He got into a bad brush with the police at Artemis ages ago when it was still in business, and it was not time to pay the piper. Sarah really hoped that James would get community service, thinking that it'd do him some good. Instead, he just gets an expensive fine. Steve and Wanda decide to sell the jeep to compensate for this and other accumulated expensive.

Strange occurrence: Steve bursts into the bedroom at one point and INSISTS that Sarah unbutton his dress sleeve button for him. Not even both sleeves. Just one. Necessary?

For the past few day in Skyrim, Sarah had set out very specifically to make some random fondue that she thought sounded really tasty. This proved to be RIDICULOUSLY CHALLENGING because some of the ingredients were obscure and Sarah insisted on walking everywhere that might have them. She managed to finally achieve her long term fondue goal after many play sessions and then sat in her house and ate a bowl. It made one unremarkable sound effect. GRULP. Triumph!

I talk Sarah into watching Tokyo Godfathers. Which was a tall order because it is not Adventure Time. I had to get this done though because I was 90% sure she would love it. She went into it knowing NOTHING, and I billed it as a movie about Christmas and hoboes. I love that I wasn't really joking about that.

We also watchd the Video Pizza full length DVD that Wilco got me for Christmas as a couple. It cemented our relationship and brought us closer together. It was beautiful.

We watched War Horse with Steve, as he'd heard great things about it. Like it was up for an academy award or something? It was an enjoyable movie, but pretty hokey. It was like Disney doing a war movie. Everyone in the movie loves horses crazy lots. To the point it's ridiculous that self preservation doesn't take over. This summary encapsulates the movie perfectly.

Tuesday was the last full together. It was also the New Hampshire Primaries, and Sarah was super pumped to go vote. James went with us and we walked to the local school to put their votes in for Ron Paul. However, it ended in tragedy when Sarah realized that because she was a registered democrat, and couldn't change it this late, she couldn't vote for Ron Paul. It absolutely broke her heart for most of the day on top of the sadness of me leaving soon. There was drama, but we managed to move past it.

Sarah tried her hand at the Professor Layton game I brought with me on a whim and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It's too bad she doesn't have a DS, because it'd be nice to lend her Curious Village so she can experience a gentlemen and his puzzles fully.

We went to eat at Chilis, which is strangely our goodbye restaurant now? Wanda gave us a coupon for a free appetizer but we also got an appetizer with a different promo we ordered and got TOO MUCH FOOD.

James got stupid drunk that evening, throwing up drunk. It was one more thing on a string of bad behavior that trip.

To conclude the final night, we tried to get through as much as Adventure Time Season 2 as humanly possible. Our plan was to stay up all night and maximize our time together, but Steve was hostile about this and kept yelling at us to go to bed. Ultimately, we did get a few hours in but we had a lingering sad sit in at the bus before we parted ways.

Hopefully we'll see each other again in March. Long distance is hard on us, Sarah especially. But it does make us appreciate what time we have together.
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