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August 1st: Otakon 2011

The final morning was occupied with me doing lots of clean up. Doing things like searching to whole hotel for garbage cans to stuff the coolers into. This is the best I could manage!

The team is really bad at waking up, as usual. Our flights aren't until the late afternoon anyway so there isn't any real rush. We DO need to shower though, and all our towels are filthy. I call for towels and they never come. Then I do something terrible, and nab towels right off the service cart instead of waiting any longer. I earn SO MANY renegade points and I am deeply ashamed and Siro is patting me on the back which makes it so much worse.

Since we don't have enough stupid catchy songs, including Ice Cold Water and Mewd is Getting All of the Points, while me and Siro are peeking through the window with Blue to watch ambulances roll by we start singing We're the Window Friends. The lyrics are as follows:

We're the window friends, we're the window friends and we sure like windows a whole lot.

Ad naseum.

The Otakon 2011 Dorp album therefore includes the following songs:
2. Anne Marie couldn't shoot the moon.
3. Mewd is Getting, All of the Points
4. We're the Window Friends.

The stress of these bozos becomes too much for Siro and he puts an end to it. Blue looks up from his iPhone briefly.

We check out of the hotel and there is a surprise extra expense we weren't anticipating, taxes. Wiggy tells us not to worry about it, but I treat him to lunch later to retaliate. We roll out of the hotel with our luggage in tow and we make an incredibly awkward stop at a few drug stores where the whole team pitches in to help. Siro wants to help really badly.

We have our last big meal together at Cheesecake factory. Blue orders way too much food but the rest of us manage no extra doggie baggage. We're all very stuffed and ready to head to the airport, but Wiggy wants to make a quick stop into the Barnes and Rapture before we go. We browse and get nothing, although the boys goad Sarah to buy me a book of Russian folklore and I block this suggestion in the interest of conserving Sarah's limited funds. Wiggy also doesn't buy Hausu on DVD. Because it will always be there.

Blue's iPhone sends us on a wild goose chase to find the light rail. We would've been dramatically better off if we'd stayed in the inner harbor and taken the station there but instead we get misled to a bad location and exhaust ourselves running all over the city. We buy tickets and again it doesn't really matter, but we ride the rail out of the inner city and into a small town where it is much less crowded.

We wait around at the station for the transfer train to the airport, and about twenty trains go by heading to Cromwell which we don't want to get on. It gets to the point that most of us build a massive resentment towards Cromwell, which is a city of trash for stupid people. HATE CROMWELL.

We also sing the Otakon 2011 album tunes to the points that Sarah starts to consider violence. We're all a little wore out from walking and lacking sleep so we're not that hot at conversation. Siro is dying of thirst and considers running across the tracks to go up to the vending machines and get a round of beverages. We stop him, scared that our train will come while he's over there and trap him in a world of beverages and no airports. Our train refuses to come forever though anyway. Until it does.

On the light rail, we find a bottle of MYSTERY WATER which Wiggy dares everyone to drink. MMM. FOUND WATER.

We get to the airport, check in, and spend as long as possible hanging out with each other as possible. It's very low energy, though. At least there's air conditioning and beverages. Sarah has four different beverages in the span of a half hour, including the found water, tea, pepsi and sipping other people's drinks, so we started calling her Four Drink Sarah.

To repay me for covering the tip at Cheesecake factory, Siro buys me a Creme at Starbucks which qualifies as a milkshake party. These are an important tradition, like hugging Siro and making him uncomfortable.

Blue tries to be the first to leave, aiming to catch an earlier flight than schedule. We run into him IMMEDIATELY though and he comedically scrambles away. He loses out on that early flight though and is stuck with us.

Wiggy is the first to go, and he sadly shambles away and we bid him a fond farewell. Then he realizes he is going the wrong way entirely and has to awkwardly come back through. WIGGY.

We hang out together upstairs by the playground. Blue is basically dead at this point and has a long wait for his flight ahead of him along with Siro. IT'S GONNA BE FUN. Siro and Sarah get down the business.

The upstairs was great, with lots of doodads to see. But I didn't really get any good photo ops because everyone was too tired to explore.

This air craft control array allows children to interfere with plane landings.

Siro tells the SCARIEST ghost stories about kids hiding in plane compartments and falling to their deaths into upscale neighborhood.

Sarah plays with my hair and I tolerate it. Barely.

Our flight is nearing and Sarah and I have to get going. We say goodbye to the love birds and start heading towards our Terminal.

Our flight is an hour delayed and when we finally get to board, 13 other planes are queued up for take off because of weather. Wiggy was apparently on one of those other planes. Sarah and I manage to secure seats together by asking nicely. We arrive late in Cleveland and run screaming down the terminal trying to make our transfer before it is too late. We get a ride in a buggy honk honk mini car and charge up stairs only to find that Sarah's backpack has come undone and she's losing articles of clothes. I desperately race to recover everything, and luckily she didn't seem to lose anything important. We get on the plane in time, though it ultimately didn't matter much. The plane was held for other passengers delayed and we spend a good hour or so waiting to take off.

Now secured for Kansas City, Sarah and I had time to chill out. We stole our seats though, against my wishes, and I suspect the kindly chatty southern man who kept asking us about Otakon was supposed to be seating where we were at, but never rose a fuss. He was very conversational, though not at all familiar with any of the nerd culture we had to reference to explain where we'd been vacationing to.

I read more Calvin and Hobbes and Sarah fretted about her dad and his drama. We flew to my home in Missouri. Sarah was dreading the ride home with my dead, expecting him to ask painfully invasive questions about religion and judging her. It wasn't that bad, though. Dad is awkwardly quiet as I am sometimes. I had another ten days to look forward to with Sarah, but a part of me would miss all the fun times had with the group in Baltimore.

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